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Q&A | Why Do I Struggle In Friendships and Find Parenting Unfulfilling?

September 05, 2023 Victoria V Season 4 Episode 158
Grieving Voices
Q&A | Why Do I Struggle In Friendships and Find Parenting Unfulfilling?
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In today's episode, I share an a-ha realization with you: a question I've wondered about myself for the past eighteen years.

I answer my own question in today's episode regarding relationships with friends, my kids, and myself.

An important aspect of growth is self-awareness. Sometimes, we need to hear the right thing at the right time, unlocking an a-ha moment we've been waiting to receive. Those a-ha moments can shift our perspective or even possibly change the trajectory of our entire lives.

The best way to put ourselves in the way of a-ha moments is by diving into self-awareness, utilizing tools, and seeking out connections with others who can reflect what we can't see for ourselves.

As you listen to this episode, maybe you can relate, and if you do, I hope it's the encouragement you need to explore the inner workings of your mind and heart, too.




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Victoria Volk: Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, whatever time it is that you're listening to this episode. Thank you for tuning in. And today, I have a bit of a different episode. It is a Q and A, but I'm pretty much going to be answering my own question that I've asked myself for eighteen years and that I essentially discovered the answer to just this week. And if you're not familiar with human design, you may want to be If you're into kind of a little bit of the woo woo, it's kind of woo woo, but it's really not. If you're into astrology, things like that, this is information and data that can't be manipulated or skewed because your birth date and your birth time and your birth place are unique to you. So with personality tests like Myers Briggs and things like that, you can easily manipulate the questions, right, to get a desired outcome. 

Victoria Volk: On Myers Briggs, I am an INFP but I'm also a Pisces and so that makes a lot of sense to me. But human design is a little bit different in that it's I'm not gonna get into all the explanatory things about it just because I'm no human design expert. I'm just sharing a pretty big aha moment that I had a realization that I had this week just based on what I've learned about my own human design. I originally came into human design, not through human design itself, but through another modality called Gene keys which is kind of uses a similarity of astrology and things like that as well, like human design, but I'm probably saying something wrong in this, description of gene keys, human design, all of that. Again, I'm no x spart, just take it with a grain of salt, do your own research. 

Victoria Volk: But I would just If you're curious, I'm gonna put a link in the show notes to where you can input your birth information and find out which of the four energy types you are. And I think there's four. Right? Projector, Reflector, Generator, Manifesting Generator, and Manifestor. So there's five. And I am a manifestor. Interestingly, my husband is also a manifestor, and all three of our children are manifesting generators.

Victoria Volk: No wonder why I was exhausted, raising children. Anyway, because as a manifestor, we have periods of rest. We need periods of rest. And this really this conversation does tie into what I do because this is all about our energy. It talks human design helps you understand where your energy is may be being taxed. It takes a little step further than even like the quiz that I offer on my website for free. We can go really deep with human design, really deep. And when I was first came across it, well over a year ago, almost two years ago, I believe it was. It felt so big to me. It seems so overwhelming. There's so much to it.

Victoria Volk: The one thing I want to share with you today though is being a manifestor with an emotional authority, with a split definition. And again, these things probably don't may not make any sense to you, but do your own research and you'll understand what I'm talking about. But I'm a four-six opportunistic role model. So I'm a manifest emotional manifestor with lines four six.

Victoria Volk: What I've learned this week is that I listened to a podcast from that was that's was started by another fellow manifestor. And aside from my husband, I don't know of another manifestor. Now, again, I have ran the the body grafts of everybody I know. So there could be manifestors in my life that I'm just not aware of. That being said, this week, I've had so many awareness is about probably why my marriage works, why we've been able to celebrate twenty years this week. We get each other. We truly get each other. I think if I would have maybe married any other type other than maybe a projector because manifestors and projectors seem to get along beautifully. There could have been a lot of conflict that I would have experienced otherwise. What I've also realized is I've had relationships in the past, particularly friendships, particularly one friendship I was reflecting on just today as I was listening to another podcast episode about manifestors, is that as a manifestor we generally don't need people. We don't need relationships. However, we want relationships. And one of our core wounds as a manifestor is rejection. And so oftentimes, other people are drawn to the manifestor energy. And that can be to our detriment as a manifestor I've certainly experienced that myself. You don't have to be a manifestor to for that to be your experience. 

Victoria Volk: I think there's there's a lot of different aspects of the body graph of the human design that can influence those things, those experiences you have in your life. But when it comes, when I circle back to that friendship relationship that I previously mentioned, I realized that in listening to this podcast episode because what happens is because we don't need people, we are rarely inspired by others. We as a manifestor are the initiators. We initiate other people. We initiate within ourselves. I don't need someone else to initiate anything for me because as a manifestor, I do that on my own. 

Victoria Volk: So this is what I mean And what I've learned when I say we don't, as a manifestor, you don't need other people. But we want relationships. Because we're human and we desire connection and all of those things. But what happens is as if as a manifestor, you find yourself infatuated with someone else, which from what I've learned from this manifestor expert who provides trainings and things on human design. She had said that we early as manifestors, fan girl or fan boy, have fascination with other people. So when that happens, it's really jarring to us. It's really uncomfortable. Because that's when we might have our wounds being exposed that fear of rejection. There's four core wounds, and I that's the only one I'm thinking of right now because that's what I wanted to talk to you about, particularly as it relates to relationships in this aha moment I had. 

Victoria Volk: But everything just came so clear to me today that in that relationship, that friendship that fell away, it was me I became I I I absolutely fell in love with this person's personality. They inspired me I felt. Not infatuated, but just intoxicated by this person's energy. Like, I was really drawn to this person's energy which hadn't happened before in a friendship like that since I've been in business. Like, that's the first business other she's in business. It was the first business friendship colleague that does healing work and things like that that I became enamored by her and all my shit came up. All of my core wounds came up and I sabotaged the friendship. I realize now the way my energy operated and how my wounds came up to teach me something. 

Victoria Volk: I've done a lot of grief work and personal deep work since that friendship, like after that was around twenty eighteen. So it's been several years, but just today, just this week, I've had this awareness of this is the pattern for me in friendships, certain friendships at times. Is that's the shadow of working with your core wounds, and that's what the human design can tell you. What those are and you can bring them to your awareness and you can have this clarity that makes you hop on a podcast to talk about it like I'm doing right now. Okay. So that's friendships that's just one aspect of human design that has blown the lid off of my awareness cap this week. 

Victoria Volk: And the main topic and question that I mentioned in the very beginning that I haven't even talked about yet, and I'm like, twelve minutes in is relates to parenting and parenting as a manifestor. And the same woman who started this manifestor podcast, it's called, what is it called hunting for purpose. If you have not listened to it, if you are a manifesto, run, don't walk. Listen to the podcast because I have had so many moments of clarity just listening to her because not only is she a manifests her. She's also a four line four six just like me, and she also has the thirty five thirty six gate like I do, which is like the gate of, like, the first thirty years of your life, you're gonna go through a lot of shit. And then from thirty to fifty years old, you're gonna sit and ponder and reflect. And then from fifty on, you become this wise sage. So I'm I'm getting closer to that fifty in beyond, so I'm looking forward to that. 

Victoria Volk: But anyway, she has because she shares so many similar qualities as myself, which a defined spleen as well. We both have. It's almost as if when she speaks about herself as she is describing me. But she's coming at it with so much more wisdom about human design that I can't even like, my brain has been mush almost the sweet just because I've been having to do a lot of driving and so I've been listening to podcasts pretty much all day, every day. And this one thing that she talked about was motherhood as a manifestor. And yesterday, as she spoke about it. I felt myself getting emotional as a typical emotional manifestor would because I realized that what I was feeling, especially when I first had children and when they were younger, it's become a lot easier now that they've gotten older, they're more self-reliant. We've developed it's just when you become when they become teenagers and they're coming to their own. It's I really feel like we've developed some really rich relationships. My children and I individually. And I say with so much gratitude, I have so much gratitude for the growth I've had in the last five years that have enabled me to develop those deeply rich relationships I currently have with my kids. And I'm getting emotional, as I say that. So I fiercely love my kids. And so what I'm about to say has really helped me release a lot of grief and grief a little yeah grief, guilt, shame. Because I wasn't understanding my own energy. I didn't understand myself. 

Victoria Volk: Yesterday, she shared how she announced manifestors as mothers. Motherhood is not fulfilling for us. It's not enough, and it will never be enough. And I felt a lot of guilt because I felt that way. I have felt that way. I could never just be a mom. I always had to be doing something else for myself, for me that was and I've spoken about and tidbits. Like, here and there, like photography starting my photography business was my creative outlet. But, really, tt's because motherhood wasn't fulfilling to me that was not enough and that brings up makes me remember another core wound of a manifestor as mediocrity. It's this feeling of what am I going to leave? What's gonna be my legacy? Like, not meeting my own potential? My own expectations for myself? 

Victoria Volk: And we can I mean, expectations is a whole another episode, but that's really been another key awareness for me this week? But I just wanted to leave you with this that I cannot stress enough the importance of understanding yourself and getting to know yourself on a level that you probably have never even given yourself the opportunity to explore. Because what I have released this week and what I have learned this week about myself just in my thoughts, just as just in reflecting it with my own thoughts. I feel I've grown exponentially as a mom, as a person just be having these things come into my awareness because now I can look at relationships moving forward and look at being a mother moving forward with an understanding of that's just who I am and that's okay. And that I'm enough. 

Victoria Volk: Please check out your human design. If you're the least bit curious and you can write it off, you can just like I did at first, like, oh, this is too much. It's too overwhelming. I don't have time for this. And it is a lot of in information. Trust me it is. But the website that I'm going to link to in the show notes, it's has really great explain it. When you click on something or you hover over, it really explains it well. And you're gonna be like, oh my god, this is this is totally me. This is totally me. But to have someone as another manifestor because only nine percent of the world are manifestors, and our world has been built by manifestors. Because manifestors are the initiators. It's just been really fascinating to learn that. Yeah. It's just been really fascinating week. Learning about myself.

Victoria Volk: So anyway, I don't even really know what the question is this week that I should title this, but why should I care about getting to know myself? Here's two reasons for you today. If you are a parent and you have relationships, because life happens in the context of relationships, and I can tell you with all the grievers I've worked with and the grief work that I've done personally myself we grieve in the context of relationships and that includes with ourselves the guilt and shame that we carry for various reasons and feeling misunderstood which many manifestors do. You've probably grown up feeling misunderstood.

Victoria Volk: In fact, I was just reflecting yesterday. I had to classmate actually right on my the back of a senior picture that was given to me that I was weird. That I was weird. My kids have told me that, you're weird. You know, and people need no harm. This classmate meant no harm. It was his opinion, whatever. But I thought about that. I've been out of high school. Many years. So the things that stick with us. Right? I just felt so misunderstood. And that remark right there on the back of that picture just zoomed right in on why that's true. Why that is true, why I felt that that was true. But now at the HIM. Older, wiser I guess, I'm gonna own my weird. I've started to own my weird in the last several years and my kids seem to love it. They love my weird and I'm happy about that. My husband seems to love my weird, but he's weird too because they're both manifestors because manifestors are kinda weird. 

Victoria Volk: So anyway, you're a manifestor? I see you. If you're not a manifestor, I also see you because that's one of the gift gifts of a manifestor as we see people for who they are. Because if there's any energy type that is misunderstood, it is the manifestor.

Victoria Volk: Get to know yourself, my friends. It is the greatest gift that you can ever give yourself and those you love. And remember, when you unleash your heart, you unleash your life. Much love.