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Dr. Amirah Hall | The Aftermath and Awakening of a Near-Death Experience

August 15, 2023 Victoria V | Dr. Amirah Hall Season 4 Episode 155
Dr. Amirah Hall | The Aftermath and Awakening of a Near-Death Experience
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Grieving Voices
Dr. Amirah Hall | The Aftermath and Awakening of a Near-Death Experience
Aug 15, 2023 Season 4 Episode 155
Victoria V | Dr. Amirah Hall

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This week's guest is no stranger to death. By the age of 20, she had attended 20 funerals. As an adult, she buried her father while, at the same time, her marriage was ending and her health was deteriorating. Little did Amirah know at the time that all of that loss would lead her on a path of self-discovery, understanding, and acceptance of the gifts she had been given. 

Dr. Amirah Hall had always believed she came from a typical, ordinary, normal family, where love and support were the cornerstones of their interactions. But she didn't realize she grew up in a dysfunctional family. Dysfunction runs deep in families. However, in the midst of Amirah's life unraveling, she felt a spiritual pull that set her on a path of seeking and understanding. 

Like many of us, we experience death as a child, are around it, and are exposed to it, but most don't become communicators with the dearly departed. What set the ball rolling for Amirah was a trip to Egypt she felt a calling to take. On that trip, she would be surrounded by people she didn't know in a foreign land who were on a mission to save her life. She would later understand that she was transported far away from her body and back again.

This is Amirah's story of her near-death experience.   

If you or someone you know is struggling with the darkness of life or has experienced the grief of death and want to find the answers, I encourage you to listen to this inspiring episode.

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This week's guest is no stranger to death. By the age of 20, she had attended 20 funerals. As an adult, she buried her father while, at the same time, her marriage was ending and her health was deteriorating. Little did Amirah know at the time that all of that loss would lead her on a path of self-discovery, understanding, and acceptance of the gifts she had been given. 

Dr. Amirah Hall had always believed she came from a typical, ordinary, normal family, where love and support were the cornerstones of their interactions. But she didn't realize she grew up in a dysfunctional family. Dysfunction runs deep in families. However, in the midst of Amirah's life unraveling, she felt a spiritual pull that set her on a path of seeking and understanding. 

Like many of us, we experience death as a child, are around it, and are exposed to it, but most don't become communicators with the dearly departed. What set the ball rolling for Amirah was a trip to Egypt she felt a calling to take. On that trip, she would be surrounded by people she didn't know in a foreign land who were on a mission to save her life. She would later understand that she was transported far away from her body and back again.

This is Amirah's story of her near-death experience.   

If you or someone you know is struggling with the darkness of life or has experienced the grief of death and want to find the answers, I encourage you to listen to this inspiring episode.

Subscribe to Grieving Voices to hear a Part 2 conversation with  Dr. Amirah! She will be back for another episode where we will dive deeper into spiritual practices, sharpening our tool of intuition, all things energy + more!





  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
  • Crisis Text Line provides free, 24/7 support via text message. Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a trained Crisis Counselor

If you are struggling with grief due to any of the 40+ losses, free resources are available HERE.

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This episode is sponsored by Do Grief Differently™️, my twelve-week, one-on-one, in-person/online program for grievers who have suffered any type of loss to feel better. Click here to learn new tools, grief education, and the only evidence-based method for moving beyond the pain of grief.

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Victoria Volk: Thank you for tuning in to grieving voices. Today, my guest is Dr. Amirah. She is the founder of Seoul Mystic School, a modern mystery school for psychic development and energy mastery. She's the author of five books including manifesting miracles one on one and love up your life and was featured in the documentaries to death and back again and angels among us. She's been practicing psychic medium, spiritual mentorship, and quantum healing after having a life changing near death experience while traveling in Egypt. She's the past host of lessons from the Light Radio podcast. Thank you so much for joining me today. I'm excited to have this conversation with you.

Dr. Amirah Hall: Thank you. It's my pleasure. I'm super excited to be here.

Victoria Volk: We were talking a little bit before we started to record, and I had to stop us because there's so much I wanna get into. But where I usually start interviews with guests is your story and how you've become, come to be Dr. Amirah.

Dr. Amirah Hall: Well, thank you. It's been quite a journey. I'm gonna give you the reader's digest version. Okay? So don't even know if reader's digests around anymore. But I grew up in Canada. I grew up to a in the conservative family. I was raised Catholic. Went to Catholic school for twelve years. I never got in trouble all the way through school. I was an honor student and a hard worker. And I was always very, very sensitive. I had a father that his brother committed suicide. I believe I was eight. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: And I'll never forget that was my first experience of watching or seeing my dad cry. And I remember just standing there just feeling so painful and not being able to help him. My mother was holding him as he was grieving because he found his brother who had shot himself basically in the head. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: So then my dad was an alcoholic. I thought I had a normal family, which I guess at the time it was a normal, dysfunctional family. My mom was an enabler and I was one of those people as a young sensitive, I was always trying to keep the peace. And yet, I was so sensitive I would often be said, stop crying. Stop crying. I'll give you something to cry about. Or why are you crying now? I mean, I would be upset if you know, kid at school played a trick on me and threw a water bomb on me. Well, that any kid would probably be upset with that. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: But I was the kid that my mom knew when I walked in that it wasn't a good day. Right? I was always looking for friends I was always curious. I always found myself going out and building relationships and building friendships. So what happened was I think at least a little of ten, my mother had a brother and sister that died two days apart. Now my aunt was a nun in the Catholic church. And my uncle, well, he was only thirty years old. My aunt was twenty-four. That was pretty significant because it was sudden for my aunt. Well, we knew about a month before my uncle was sudden he was died of cirrhosis of the liver, but he was a non drinker. So it was a a real a moment in time where I remember the chaos and I remember people coming over with with casseroles. And again, I was sort of numb. Like, what is this? I didn't know what it meant. She went to heaven. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: And my and then the nuns or the hot the convent all descended on our home. And it's funny because they told us that my aunt wasn't part of our family. So they only informed the family a month before she passed. And so there was a lot of discussion about family being upset with this. Right? We didn't know. And their comment was she was part of their family. At God's family, she wasn't part of our family. So we didn't need to know. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: And so that was pretty significant in terms of me even trying to understand one of the nuns befriended me because I was so sensitive and I was crying. She would write me letters for years. And she was so graceful and peaceful and supportive. She was the first really mentor that I had, that reminded me that I was pretty or this, that I was smart. And so that was my first experience with religion shutting us down. My mom stopped going to church. And by the time I got to high school, I would go with friends to their churches. I was curious.

Dr. Amirah Hall: I remember the first time I thought if I go in that church, I might not come out. I'm like, die. Like, what's gonna happen? It was so ingrained in me that this was a really bad thing to do, a bad idea. But I went and I lived and so enough about that because that was I think my quest that began for finding out who is God who is Jesus and wanting a connection. 

Dr. Amirha Hall: My grandfather died. I was having connections and visions with my aunt but I didn't know what to do with it. My grandfather passed from the same family, and grandpa gave me a dream before he passed. And then he showed me on the path. We were both walking along. We were holding hands. And grandpa just dropped my hand and he didn't speak. He spoke to me telepathically. It's like, I'm going this way. I'm taking this fork in the road. You're going this way. And I just knew. That his journey on earth was gonna end. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: I went camping with some friends that weekend, and we were sitting around the campfire, and I just blurred it out. Am I going to wear to the funeral? They're like, what funeral? What are you talking about? Got home and my mom met me at the gate and mentioned that my grandfather passed. I knew in the moment. And so that was my, I guess, you could say, curiosity was death that continued to build and I continued to By the time I was twenty, I had been to twenty funerals. And Catholic funerals were not anything I mean, everybody just cried. And so, but I was starting to feel like there was something more. There was something beyond this, and so I held on to that fascination. Until well, no. I guess it was really a pivot point of my dad's death. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: And when I went home, I was living in San Diego at the time and I went home to Canada for my dad's funeral. And well, he was in the process of making his transition. And it was gruesome. It was painful. And he was in ICU for two weeks. So that was back in nineteen ninety. So you can just imagine we didn't have Internet, we didn't really have anything to communicate, but or to understand what was going on. They had hooked them up with life support but it was just pushing his body up and down. The forcing air into the lungs to make it look like he was alive. Meanwhile, his whole body was shrinking. And we were waiting talk about crazy. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: We're waiting for my ants to arrive from Florida. California, respectively. And so the rest of us just kind of suffered watching this. It was just incredibly painful. Like, gold moment just cry and sob and it was torment for me. The doctors kept saying any minute, any minute, now it went on for two weeks. So I empathize with people that with families that send to Alzheimer's or a long-delayed death and is it feels like torture. So at the same time, I was going through divorce.

Dr. Amirah Hall: I had just started my divorce. In fact, Yeah. It was I don't wanna go down that road, but it was something that was in process. So after dad's death, I was at a real low. And I was going home. I was flying back. I picked up this book. I think it was in the Vancouver airport. "Many lives, many masters." And that was a first glimmer into yes we do go on. Because that my internal question is, what happens when we die? Where do we go? What where what is all this? So it was really driven home with my dad's death, and it was like my wake-up call. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: And by the time I got back to my job, my health was failing. I was not going to work. And back in those days, they could candy for that. So they did. They fired me. So I was going through a divorce, my dad died, and now I have no money and no job. And at the time, I was making a very high six fees. Not six figures. I was high-five figures. And back in the nineties, that was significant. Right? But then nothing and no support from anybody. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: So I was in a real talk about dark night of the soul and then having no energy. The doctor told me, yeah, well, you look like you're dying. You go on or prepare your affairs. You're either gonna die or you'll end up in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. Well, that's not good news for anybody. That's the worst thing possible that I could have heard at the time. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: And so I went home and I to use your word grieve. At the time, I would call that a holy hell. I was just miserable. I was falling apart at the seams from every angle, didn't know who to talk to. I had no I was new in the states. I was only here about three years by then. And so I didn't have strong relationships. I didn't have a good support system.

Dr. Amirah Hall: So when everything hit the fan, after crying for two weeks, and a friend said, you need acupuncture. Try this, Amirah, that'll help your health. So, God bless her. I had no other options. The doctor threw me to the curb. Right? It was just like, Okay. Well, this is some hope. Let's try this out. So that's when I started down the avenue of alternative care. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: So again, back in the early nineties, there was it was almost like you were doing back office an abortion or something when you talk about acupuncture, like, mama was the word, no way, oh, that was horrible. But I had no other options. I went in for it. And so that progressed and I got better and a little bit better and a little bit better. And I built some businesses, some entrepreneurial endeavors, and I started working with gemstones and making custom jewelry. I started expanding that to an international market. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: So I was doing really, really well. But not making enough money. But my health was restoring and I started feeling and stronger and I felt like there was something missing in my life. Like, I had the money now, business was in my well, I got hired in the tech industry. My health was getting better. The divorce was finished. I had more money coming in and I'm like, fine. Okay. I'm good. But something's missing. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: So I told a friend that I was feeling a sense to go to Egypt. And she gave me a brochure. And I found myself a few months later with soon as I said, well, I'll go if I get my tax return. And I got to pay for this. Sure enough, it manifested this tax return refund.

Dr. Amirah Hall: And so I go to Egypt, which was an incredible spiritual journey. We meditated in temples. When I landed in Egypt, it was the strangest feeling. I know this sounds weird, but I felt like I was home. And it was a sense of being so familiar yet I had never you know, I didn't study Egypt. It wasn't on my bucket list. I wasn't somebody that was fascinated. I did it maybe science report in school or something, but that was it. Book reporter, what did they call that social studies project? This was an amazing experience of learning about the ancient teachings, learning about the mystery schools, and I gravitated towards that. It just made sense to me. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: Well, I met someone there and I extended my stay after the trip was over, went down to Luxor from Cairo, where the tour ended, went down to Luxor, and hung out for a week and I said, I'd really like to get some antiquities for the jewelry that I make. Some beads. Well, this was a very very primitive village right outside the valley of the kings where all the ancient pharaohs twos are buried. And so this little village, people their homes are perched up right at the backside of this mountain where all the tombs are. And so people would be digging through their back wall, so these houses are literally built on the mountain. Right? They're digging at night and they're trying to find tools or antiquities or any kind of treasure. So they're trying to work ahead of the you know, the ministry of antiquities, digging. And so they would have these, Arabic carpets hanging on the back wall cover off the tunnel. So I knew from that that there's a high likelihood some of these people would have beads. We're just talking some small beads. Nobody's gonna notice this ant colony leaving the country. Right? That was my logic. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: And so anyway, we found a guy. And he showed me the beads, and I think there was a handful. And he's one in three hundred bucks, and I didn't have that much cash at the time. So I went, I said, come back tomorrow with the cash, go to the ATM, come back. Now that was the day I was leaving. So it was about noontime, minus heck. And we go back to pay, we'll have it his money. And when you visit when you have a transaction like that or your friend, especially I was a special guest because my friend, Jude, who was brought me there. They bring out cocacola or a tea, coffee, water, you sit and visit. You it's very polite.
It's not just a slam-bam. Thank you, ma'am. Pay and run. It's not like that at all. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: So here I am, the only female, and they bring out this green garden lawn chair. Right? I'm sitting on this plastic chair. And all of a sudden, they bring out this joint. And Mohammed says, you know, it's the best. It's the best. And he's screaming and I'm coming from this dysfunctional family, I'm feeling agitated myself, and I've disturbed the peace, so to speak. He is shouting. And Arabic's Egyptians are very vocal and loud and expressive. Let's call it that way. And I said, I don't smoke. And I had tried a few times. It didn't really do anything for me. And I just was like, No. No. Thank you. And then the shouting continued. So I'm thinking, oh, god. I've insulted the man. I've gone against their protocol. And now I'm the only woman here. I should mind, do something here because this could escalate. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: So I thought, okay, it's not done anything for me in the past. Maybe I'll just acquiesce, be a graceful guest, and I'll be on my way. Nothing will happen. Right? Okay. Didn't happen that way. The joint went around twice. And all of a sudden, they have these workers that are chiseling Alibaster outside the factory entrance. And so they all of a sudden showed up in this showroom. And so there's like eight or ten of us in this room. So one joint goes around, the circle, twice. And everybody bounces up. They're ready to walk out the door except for me. I can't get out of the chair. I'm sitting there. Only I find myself standing behind myself and I'm witnessing all the people that are in the room and it's like they have an individual television and I'm why watching this video play out on their on your screen. And I'm just horrified and I'm like, what the heck is this? I need to stay in my body. I need to get back. I need to come back. And so I thought to myself, I so I was coming and going coming out in and out, it was sort of a subtle phase. I must have said something. I don't recall hearing myself verbalized, but I definitely had my hands out in front of me. And I just thought I need water. If I could splash my face with this water, I'll stay here. I won't leave. I just knew I needed to stay. And so obviously, they're laughing, and everything's in slow motion at this time for me. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: And my friend Juju must have either sense that I need water or they also were aware that a lot of westerners get dehydrated. So that was a part of the front and center for their awareness. So he comes towards me with the water bottle and he pours water in my hands and I remember getting it right about, you know, six inches from my face thinking, oh, shit, my mascara is gonna run. That was the last spot. And I blacked out. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: Now, what they informed me and filled in the points at this point, my body stiffened. And according to my friend, juju, my breathing stopped, my heart stopped, and he was pounding my chest with all his might to get my heart going, call that jokingly, Egyptian CPR. And he was just going to be, beat the drum so to speak. They drag me out under the arms, drag me out into a pickup truck. So the pickup trucks there are the taxis. They've got benches along the back of the box, but they stuck me in the cab so my there's the driver and juju's in the middle, and I'm on the outer edge. They've got my head propped up outside the window. Trying to give me air, some oxygen. And they're barreling down this dusty, sandy road to nowhere as far as I know. So I'm out of it. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: The next thing I remember is coming through the night sky and curling through the sky like I was a comet. And towards a familiar blue ball way off in the distance. And I'm like, oh, that's where I'm going. And that little ball got bigger and bigger and bigger and it was like so massive. And I'm like, oh, how am I gonna find myself? And then the next thought was, well, I heard this talking language, but I had no clue. And I'm like, I don't know that language. I don't know where that is. And then it went, that's Arabic. I'm in Egypt. There was like a GPS beacon that was just directing me to where my body was. And then it felt like I was trying to put on wet clothes. Have you ever put on wet clothes after going swimming or getting thrown in the lot. It's miserable. It's cold and yucky in. It's just awful. So I felt like I was struggling to get in my body, like putting on my clothes for about twenty minutes. It wasn't that long, but felt like that. At the same time, the bright light was incredibly painful to my eyes, and it hurt almost to coming into my body. At the same time, I felt this incredible overwhelming bliss and love and peace. And so it was a peculiar experience and Juju stayed with me. Basically, what happened, this then I realized I'm in my body and I'm hearing these voices and I can't open my eyes and I reach over and I touched his arm. Well, he just law like the dead man coming alive or the mummy or so he was very animated. And I'm thinking, I don't know what the problem here. Well, I said, where are you taking me? And he blurted out something in Arabic, which then he realized she doesn't speak Arabic. I have to speak English. So they were highly excited. You know, this was extremely difficult. I said, well, I need a bathroom.

Dr. Amirah Hall: Now, here's another problem, Victoria. Back in those days, there were no western-sized type toilets in the Valley and the Kings in that primitive village. There were holes in the ground. Okay? And there's these little porcelain markers where you put your feet. I couldn't stand, and I didn't know that. And I didn't even realize there was something problem with toilets. Okay. So I'm saying, they said, well, we're taking you to the hospital, and I'm thinking, Oh, shit. A hospital, I mean, primitive country here. That'll kill me. If I go to some gerund lights in the bone docs, so that was where I was at. I'm like, oh, I just need a toilet, please. I'm fine. And so there was some they can Arabic, and so they finally figured it out, oh, their brother, his brother, had a flat that was europeanized. Okay? And so the facilities were appropriate for a woman. That's another issue because in that culture back at that time, that a man cannot go into a private space like that with a woman. This is the worst. This is like the worst crime known to man. I mean, they were it would stone a woman probably for doing that openly. So here I am in their flat their apartment. And I won't let him leave me in the bathroom. They carry me up the stairs. He's on this edge of this bathtub sitting next to me and his tiers are just streaming down his face. And I'm blissed out. I'm thinking I'm so proper. I'm modestly covered my legs, so nothing's exposed. And I'm thinking everything's cool. The sister-in-law's beaten down the door. She's frantic because a man and a woman are in the bathroom. She's thinking they're having sex. That's their primitive mindset. That's time. Well, nothing I could say or do, and I didn't realize what all was going on. I'm completely blissed. And then he just said, you die. You don't understand. He said, you died. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: So fast forward, I was on the bed. I'm they brought me into the bedroom. I'm laying their recovery. They brought me water and yogurt and an orange. And it was the strangest experience because the orange it was cut orange. They also knew as a westerner, I couldn't have any other type of food. It needs to be peeled or it needs to be boiled or something like that. So the yogurt was safe. And they suspected I was dehydrated or something was a miss with my electrolytes. Right? Because they've seen it. And westerners are just not. Oh, and I failed to mention, I had done a thirty day detox prior to going to Egypt. So I was primed plus I had this two-week spiritual journey prior to that. So I was primed and hypersensitive to all of these types of things. Right? But I was oblivious to it. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: So what happens is I start seeing this being, this entity. Her name is Sekhmet. She's a lion's face with a female body. She was just a statue to me going through Egypt I didn't relate to all the Egyptology and all the beams and the deities. It was overwhelming. Right? When you first go and you just okay, it's a nice story or that's their religion and it just didn't resonate, but I'm seeing her in the wood grain of the arm war and I'm thinking I'm losing my mind. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: And there's a window with Nile Valley there and there's these sheared draperies fluttering inside the room, the wind was or the breeze was coming into the room, and I see the bright blue sky and this brilliant evergreen Nile valley. I'm looking out there. That's real. I can't look at this. This is not real. And from that moment on, I have been seeing beings and entities. At first, it felt like I stepped into a scene in the Star Wars movie, the Cantina. You know, or all these strange beings and deities and actually it was overwhelming But so the first part of it, I was still blissing out and denying I was seeing that. I was trying to focus on something that was tangible. And Juju escorted me to Cairo. I got my tour guide was there waiting in line, and I remember I asked girl, who's that lion goddess with female, you know, body? And she said, oh, that's Sekhmet. Sekhmet is the healer of healers. She was the patron saint in Egypt. She was known by all the doctors. They would pray to her. Okay. That's nice information. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: I get on the plane, I sleep all the way back to JFK. It's like an it was an eight-hour flight, but it probably had been fifteen hours to this point by the time I get to JFK. And I get there, I get off the Jet Way, and all the people look like black and white paper dolls. And I'm freaking out. I'm all by myself. And I'm like, this is horrible. I'm horrified what I'm seeing. And I don't wanna come back here. This place America is horrible. It's angry. It's depressed. It's grief-stricken. It was just it was very low vibration. It's like literally I stepped off a JetWay into another dimension and I went, and I kept looking at my book. I know it was I realized at one point it was upside down. I couldn't read it. But I wanted to focus on something that was real and none of that out there was real. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: That continued until I got to San Diego. I got off the plane, so it had probably been about a twenty four hour journey, the whole thing. Get off the plane and that moist air hit me, and it was like, Okay, I'm back. And and and and that noise stopped. However, for about nine months, I was stuck in a very deep depression. One, I didn't wanna be here. Two, I didn't know what the f happened. I was confused in ninety, so this was in nineteen ninety-eight. There was no internet. There was no resources. There was no.

Dr. Amirah Hall: So I started going to psychics and healers or anybody. I definitely didn't wanna go see a psychologist because I'm like, they're gonna lock me up and throw away the key. There is no freaking way I'm going to those people. I know something happened. I am different. However, I haven't lost my mind. I was that hardworking student. I was that type a personality responsible and honest. And so I went to all these healers and you know what? I got really ticked off because they told me something different every single one because they didn't know. And then I finally got the message, okay. I gotta figure it out myself. I get it. I get it. Okay. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: I found a friend brought me to Mexico. I found this healer. She reads cards, but she wasn't a healer. She was a card reader. And she's saying in Spanish to my French I don't understand the cards. It says she died. This card should be over here in the future of this death card, but it says she died. So we kinda looked at each other, like, yep. Okay. That thanks a lot. That validates something like that happens. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: I went back to Egypt the following year and my friend Jude brought me to see a holy man in the far south of Egypt in s one. And he was just a guy that would hang out in the in the market in this little cube, not a kiosk, but they have these little shops, right, with all these shawls or whatever it was. We brought him a very luxurious gift. And I said, what happened? Of course, to do is explain or translating to this holy man. And he said, She didn't die in in in Arabic, you know, in their mind, their level of understanding. He said, but she went very, very, very far away. So, technically, my body wasn't buried and I wasn't, you know, tuned, but I went very, very far away. So that helped me understand.

Dr. Amirah Hall: And then when I came back, I continued asking a friend of mine that was on the trip referred me to another healer. And this healer, he he was looking at my energy, and he said, oh, he said, you've got some stuck energy. And I'm like, okay, that's something to do. I get to undo that stuck energy then. Right? It seemed pretty simple to me. And I did. I began starting to understand the nuances of my energy. And what that all meant. And within about six months, I well, I started feeling happier I started feeling sleeping better. I was more inspired. My creativity was coming back. I wasn't a bitch on wheels. You know, I because that when though I first came back, I fired all my friends. I stopped all my hobbies. I got fired from my job again because I was just miserable. It wasn't fun to be around. It wasn't fun to be anywhere. I wanted to go home. I didn't want to be here at all. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: So I figured I gotta write about this story. So I go to the book expo. And I'm trying to think I can hook up with an agent or a publisher. I didn't know how this whole thing worked. And only to be rejected. But, you know, people looked at me like, you gotta be crazy. You know, this you were just hallucinating girl. You know, you're just this is cuckoo crazy. And they give away all these books. And so I'm I guess I was a glutton and I fill these two linen bags with these big heavy, hard bound books. And so I was my back was breaking. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: And I said, I need a massage desperately. So I found this Chinese massage place. I go to the massage and this guy's walking on my back and it hurt like hell. And I had a spontaneous out of body experience. So, those whole year was less than a year, maybe about nine months. I had been asking, where did I go? What happened? I'm different. I'm different. And I've been searching. Where did I go? I know I'm different, but what? You know, now what? So that's when I had this out of body experience and I was transported, teleported, I was greeted by this being. It was almost like my body appeared with this being that was just like an egg-shaped, fuzzy, white energy, a presence. And my body literally melted, and I created this life form, light form, and the guide said to me, I'm gonna take you on a tour of the hall, but you can't stay. And so there I was escorted into this place. It was this grand, incredible building. I struggled to this day to describe it. It was ultimate perfection and beauty. The precision was beyond anything that Earthwards can describe. And I was merged into a conference room. And my sense is there were twelve people. I didn't count them, but it felt like there was a board or a committee of twelve. And they were all dressed identical. Very three d like and like suits and proper and formal. And then their heads were glowing And at the top of their head, it was like a lid open, like a teapot. And there was this glowing ball of light that just streamed into my head, right into my third eye, I guess, I could say. And it's and they said to me, you you can know anything you need to know, whatever you need to know it. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: And instantly, I was teleported out of there and I was standing with my guide. It was, like, not visible. There's a presence with the guide communicating. And there I was standing in front of this corridor that went on for infinity.
And there were doors on either side of the corridor that sat at east my guide said, you can enter any door that you choose. You can't stay. So I went to the easiest route. I took the first door of my right. It was a gold door. And I stepped through it. It was like I merged through it. And I stepped into what felt like a kaleidoscope of color. And it was moving patterns. And it was incredibly rich, warm, comforting embracing in ways that the only way I can describe it was, like, going back into momma's room and feeling the love and the support and the safety. And I said, what is this? And the voice said to me, This is the fabric of all creation. This is love. And I was just so immersed into it and so still and so full. And then I was full of gout. And I'm like, I don't know, rude. I was liking this. I wanted to stay there. And then I went across the corridor. I entered this the store across the way. It was pink. And I merged through that door and it was a solid green Emerald Green Energy. I said, well, what's this? And they told what I then saw was my life review. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: And I saw a timeline of my own life, all the places where my emotions had gotten stuck or interfered with what I was creating or my flow. I could see that I created my I created the dysfunction and the decease in my life with my emotions. And being highly emotional, that's how I did it. And those emotions weren't flowing and I was very attached to them and that way of being. I knew in an instant I needed to go home well, at home. I needed to detox. And the detox was not only the physical body, It was mental, emotional, spiritual. And I realized in that moment that that was my purpose. And to understand who I am and that everything was energy. I had stepped into the quantum field. I understood it at a level. That was beyond my words or my vocabulary at the time. I think, finally, when I came across Doopak Chopra, I'm like, oh, I get it. This is where I went. This is what it is. And this is the explanation that and my guide told me that meditation was crucial. For all of it, for all of our disease, all of our dysfunction. And that there is tools to practice, but it was a it was a journey. And so for twenty three years now, I've been doing this work. And yes, I still see beings. I connect with loved ones on the other side because they are just changed forms, and I'm able to access that and receive information. I'm also have the ability to heal them. If there are a sense of being stuck. So Victoria, I feel like I've just firehosed you here with the story and didn't take happen. I apologize.

Victoria VolK: That's okay. And I don't do you have to go soon?

Dr. Amirah Hall: No. No. I'm good. I just I feel like when it starts coming the stream of information, you know, it's like I get so excited to get it out and to share that often don't take a breath myself. So

Victoria Volk: Well, I felt like I was listening to an audiobook. Like, it was just I was envisioning it as you were talking and just felt like I was kind of experiencing it with you in a sense. There was a couple of questions that I thought of on the way as you're speaking. Can you speak to a little bit what when you were feeling it in your darkest place? Physically when your body was starting to break down, what did that actually look like?
Like, what were you struggling with physically?

Dr. Amirah Hall: I can remember driving to work after my dad died and having to pull over to the side of the road and just overwhelming tears and sobbing. And I had healed my I had already started personal development work, and I had been healing my relationship with my dad. So I thought we were good. And when he died, I was so freaking mad. I was he was a dirty rotten bastard for dying and leaving me. You know, that we just got going in terms of healing what we had. And I just felt so jipped, you know, losing both men in my life and that that were significant and my the divorce and my dad. And, yeah, I've become I became completely dysfunctional. Like I said, miserable. I was I was heavy. I was negative. I was so over time, that built up. And then, well, the doctor told me I had chronic fatigue syndrome. So, you know, they don't know how to diagnose that. They lump that in with everything.

Dr. Amirah Hall: And it's my belief system that fibromyalgia you name it, you name it. In fact, I can see the beginnings of cancer. In fact, before the show, we were talking about a client that had recently lost one client lost her son to suicide a year ago. Another client her friend wasn't my client yet. She lost her son seventeen years ago. Now that woman seventeen years is hanging on to that energy of the loss. And her fear of letting that go is that she'll lose connection with her son and perhaps, you know, be a bad mom as a result of that. You know, you just have to Whereas the other lady who has been healing those energies of loss and pain and just incredible separation, that feeling of separation. She's thriving.
She's doing things that she hasn't done in years. She's having a great connection with her son now. She can actually feel him come and give her a hug. And so there's I find the contrast so fascinating, not not as a judgment, but as an as I think as hope or as an as a lesson, as a possibility that there are other ways that we can still have that connection with our I talk to my dad all the time and when I pull out his hunting knife and I'm cutting something, I always feel him coming like, watch your fingers young lady. It's like every single time he comes in for that. Yeah.

Victoria Volk: I think that's a great I'm glad this came up because I think people tend to focus on that separation, like you said. Like, the focus is just the separation. Like, I'm never gonna see them again. I'm never gonna speak to them again. Never gonna hug them or touch them or pick up the phone and call them again. It's that the focus is so much on the separation. That you can't even fathom the idea that the relationship is continuing. Right? That's still a relationship that's continuing, but it's so unhealthy and dysfunctional and -- Right. -- and not self-serving at all.

Dr. Amirah Hall: Yeah. And only turning other people too because 

Victoria Volk: Exactly --

Dr. Amirah Hall: You're affecting the entire family or friends and your all your other relationships suffer. So you have to, you know, if we can have a moment and just think in terms of I know when we're grieving, we're not thinking of anybody else. We're really self absorbed. Most of the time, I was. And it was all me and my pain, and I didn't have the bandwidth for anybody else. But I can honestly say I've been divorced over thirty years now. My ex-husband committed suicide in COVID. And I know there's a growing number of suicides and depression that people are experiencing. And what I'd like to say to that is I couldn't connect with him for a very long time. And as a medium, as somebody that does talk to the dead, I thought, well, this is interesting. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: When a client comes to me, for instance, my client, whose son had committed suicide a year ago, I couldn't connect with him at first. And what I the first impression I got was his energy let's call it a package of energy. And he was stuck in an elevator, and he wasn't going up or down, and it was confined And I could see that there was drug-induced and so there was a question of was it accidental or was it intentional? But I also saw the depression. So, you know, it all sort of came together. It wasn't it wasn't a place of blaming one thing. You know what I think is those of us grieving or left behind, we wanna have a reason. We wanna pinpoint what exactly it was that I don't know as if it's gonna help ease our pain or maybe your guilt? That we should have known something. So when we connected with him, I'm trying to remember. See, because I'm in a slight trance when I look and connect. So I don't remember my story's crystal clear unless we talk about it. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: And so my client and I, we've talked about it many, many times as it comes up. But So we I I can see the energy where they're stuck, and I can move the energy. So, like, I understand in religions, they talk about limbo. Or purgatory. Mhmm. And I would say that's probably the zone. It's like a zone. Like when I came back from my near death, I think I was stuck in a limbo that was freaking depressing. It was horrible that zone. And so just like when we leave the body, it's my understanding that we can that can happen also. Now I've also connected with loved ones on the other side who committed suicide, who weren't stuck. Okay? So it's not a it's not a blanket statement. It's not It's so in my own husband, I did some clearing and I did all the work and connect tried to connect because this was a man. The reason we got divorced is I couldn't be me. I couldn't I couldn't express my need to connect with spirituality. He wasn't having anything about it. So that was the sort of the breaking point for us. Well, he was just a whole life atheist, and he didn't believe in anything. So that's why I think I'm such a advocate for, you know, increasing our self awareness and and awakening our consciousness to all that we are because guess what? That's the only freaking thing we take with us. Is our consciousness. And I've been witnessing that and communicating with that. And yes, we can affect those loved ones that seem to be stuck. Okay? For some reason, it's like our energy is a soul in this human body has seniority. At some for for, I don't know, the heirarchy, but it's my understanding and from my experience. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: So in doing the work for my ex-husband, Dave, I cleared the energy, then one day I was walking on my path where all the cardinals come to say hello to me. And this one day, all of a sudden, I felt Dave. And I'm like, wow. I wasn't looking for it or expecting you know, and he just he had the attitude of, you know, your first love like, when you're a puppy love and you're so sweet on somebody and you're kind of embarrassed or shy and that's how he was. He was like a young soul that didn't really know how this worked and that he was just beginning at his level of comprehension of what love was. And he was reflecting to me some of the things he did for me. Like, I didn't think it was very funny or nice for a vacuum for Christmas. And he thought that was loving. Okay. And so back in those days, I was, you know, that was meant to be done. And, you know, so I was getting to laugh at some of these ridiculous things that I got spun up over, but he was showing me that he really, really did love me. And that was incredibly healing for me, spent all these years and a surprise. And it's been it was two years after he passed that I was finally able to connect with him. I didn't I didn't work on it and intend on it, you know, and make it like I had to. But that's what happens when we heal. It's us that needs to heal, then the communication. They're right there.

Victoria Volk: Oh, is that your tip? Is that people work on healing themselves? If -- 

Dr. Amirah Hall: Absolutely. --

Victoria Volk: so that they can connect? 

Dr. Amirah Hall: Absolutely. We are we're always like you and I are telepathically connected. And, you know, it's just because they've left changed forms doesn't mean they're not communicating or they're not able to communicate. It's us. It's the receiver. That's been dumb down or doled out. And, you know, just a little the frequency, we have to raise our frequency to have that connection. It's just like sometimes you can call somebody and add all the static on the line or it's intermittent and you go, you know what? Let's just hang up. You call again and boom, it's good. Right? And that's like that with communicating with spirit. So you don't need a medium, but you need to get clear. And I find one of the very basic tools that I teach people because people don't know how to be presence. Because if they're stuck thinking about how their loved one died or some things they didn't say, or they wish it could be different. They wish Johnny was with us at Christmas or it's his birthday today, then you're stuck in the past. Your energy is literally in that past experience that moment in time. And what that does overall is it reduces your frequency and you're stuck in what I call depression. And so in the work I do is we learn to really accumulate, reaccumulate our own energies, our lives, and raise that so that we can be happier. So we are more inspired. So we are more motivated and fluid. And then, it's like when opportunities open up, set new situations, you present yourself in ways that you couldn't have expected. You know, my client that I was sharing when we cleared her energy and she was able to have that communication with her son, she started wearing shorts for the first time in thirty years. Right? And she would she said, I'm cutting up and I'm goofing off and I'm just she goes, my daughter doesn't even know me like this. So parts of herself that she'd shut off, maybe when she decided when she became a mom. That's the moment to come. Okay. Now I gotta be serious. I gotta grow up. And those aspects to our personality or what's in our heart kinda get lost? Yeah. So it is work. It's being a raising our awareness to being present. Having the appropriate tools, how can I do this? You know, if it's I'm not a subscriber to talk therapy because in my own moments of grief, I just I got sick and tired of just talking about it. Like, I'm a bottom line girl. Give me some freaking way to get rid of it because I like this feeling to be caught in this loop.

Victoria Volk: Exactly. And so, like, even for what the work that I do with grievers, it's action based. You're always taking action. There's steps. There's it's a process. Right. It's evidence-based. Yes. I'm totally and it's Transforms my transform my life and my grief too.

Dr. Amirah Hall: Yes. Yes. And, you know, like, we were talking. I mean, you can be sacked from your job, and that's grief.

Victoria Volk: Mhmm.

Dr. Amirah Hall: You know, you can, yes, losing a loved one is is probably the ultimate, but losing a relationship, that's a heavy grief. And 

Victoria Volk: Loss of health. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: Yes.

Victoria Volk: And all of it

Dr. Amirah Hall: I had all

Victoria Volk: of you. Yeah.

Dr. Amirah Hall: And I'm not alone. I know there's millions of people doing the same shit that I did. And because we've not been taught, we've not been taught the nuances of our energy. How our thoughts are creating?

Victoria Volk: Can I ask you a question? Because something came up when I because in my in my own personal experience with my own energy. Right?

Dr. Amirah Hall: Uh-huh.

Dr. Amirah Hall: So I think, you know, as time, we can go through periods where, you know, like, for my for me personally, like, I've been on and off the health wagon for many years on and off on and off. What I have discovered just in the last month is nutrition and how food is fuel. And food is cheap. Right? Energy?

Dr. Amirah Hall: Yes.

Victoria Volk: Everything you eat is energy. The plants animals like it, this is energy. And if you are consistently and especially in grief or if you're depressed, stress, can be a big one? Like, what are you reaching for? The sugary cake? or

Dr. Amirah Hall: of course.

Victoria Volk: Probably not the salad. Right? So so what she do you want? If you are ready or low vibe and you're already down and out and you're feeling in the dumps, that sugary cake is not gonna bring you up. Right? It's not gonna bring up your tea. So when you are going through like that deep depressive period in your life, I imagine you are probably terribly under eating and not caring for wrongly eating, I actually heard something not that long ago about vegetarians. About how vegetarians can actually come off as very angry people, because they don't they don't eat protein. But what they don't realize is that they're still eating they're still eating living things. Right? So it's like they don't wanna eat meat. Like, because it's because it's animal.

Victoria Volk: But a plant is a living thing too. Right? 

Dr. Amirah Hall: I know. They have no problem killing that. 

Victoria Volk: Right. So let's bring it with poison. Yes. 

Dr. Amirah Hall: Well, here's you know, we could that's a whole another podcast because back in those days in the nineties, and when I've discovered with chronic fatigue, I started colon cleansing. I started doing detoxes. Like I said before, one year before I went to Egypt, I started doing thirty day detoxes twice a year. And I was into juicing, and I was into enemas, and a coffee enemas, and you name it. Well, at one point, I was vegan then I went to a mix. Right? So I've seen the journey across the board. Now, because things were so compromised as a young girl with my emotions and eating all the carbs growing up and sandwiches every day to go to school. And I believe while my immune system is still compromised. So now we understand about leaky gut. We understand, hey, I've been in the process of healing. It's a big it's a long journey. And I've recently switched the carnivore, which I have to say, I don't tell many people and I don't admit but I am absolutely loving it and I'm shocked at my own self because there was one time, I would say to you, if you're eating animal, you're, you know, going to the hell or the you know. But I as a vegetarian, complete vegetarian for a number of years, I got very sick. I got anemic. Right? And so all of these you know, broad range and scope swings that I've done to do desperate to heal myself. I think the biggest most important thing I've done is my energy. And when we have energy that's stuck, that will make us crave carbs because today, even though I'm now carnivore in like six or nine months, I know people that have been a carnivore for fourteen years. And the thing of it is is their that cow is eating all the nutrients and pre-digesting it is going into the meat. So that's the argument. So my health has improved. Inflammation has been reduced and cravings have pretty much stopped. Yeah. So it's a shock to me and I'm delighted. However, I'm as I said, I'm working on it and I'm actually gaining weight. Now is it because my body still you know, a lot of things, adrenals, etcetera. But one thing I notice is I when I'm teaching a class or working with clients, two days before I'm like, shit. And I find myself driving to the store and getting that butter pecan ice cream. I'm like, what the I don't I don't need this. What is it's somebody's energy, literally, plugging into me. I get on the call, I said, you know, like, buttered pecan ice cream by any chance, do you? That's my favorite. No. Unknowingly, I've been affected by this person's energy that was seeking me and looking for their answers or their healing. And so it does affect us, especially ultra-sensitive people. So if all of a sudden, like the other night, I was craving chocolate, That's not normally on my list, but I'm like, okay, somebody's energies permeated my space. We can't completely stop energy. You can't stop energy from moving. It's just the nature of it. So we have to learn tools. We have to learn how to be grounded, how to protect, not protect because that's a sense that you can actually control energy. You can't, you can manage it. So learning all of that is key.

Victoria Volk: It can only be transformed, moved, or transformed.

Dr. Amirah Hall: Yes. Yes. And so whether it's grief, whether it's, you know, gaining around your waistline, whether it's a new job, whether it's a relationship, we're creating all of that with our energy, with our thoughts, with our consciousness. And so we start, we gotta start somewhere. Right? So let's start with being aware. Grounding, being present.

Victoria Volk: Gosh. We could talk so much. I mean,

Dr. Amirah Hall: I know I know it's so exciting because I'm

Victoria Volk: so glad you like, that that the conversation went with the with the carnivore and because I beat I'm eating more protein than I had in years. I -- Right. -- I spent years trashing my metabolism.

Dr. Amirah Hall: Right.

Victoria Volk: But and it's a vicious cycle, you know, and then you have the cortisol and the middle section where they can

Dr. Amirah Hall: And you believe all the doctors. Well, listen, I'm there is a lot of cardiologists now and other mainstream doctors that are starting to go this route. So I'm just open. I'm just open to exploring. And I didn't tell anybody for the longest time because I'm my own labrat. Like, I'm gonna try it. And then if it works for me, then I'll share it with other clients. But, hey, I'm shocked. And I'm just like,

Victoria Volk: But I think one of the key things you said was when the pendulum swings so far one way, you know, where you're just a vegetarian and that's all you're doing. Any one way isn't balanced.

Dr. Amirah Hall: Well, and the thing of it is I've met so many vegetarians. They're completely ungrounded. They don't. They can't get their life together. They struggle. In in most cases, not all. But they struggle in some ways and that is being present or you can just see the, like, the life force energy isn't strong or bright, usually with them. Oh, again, I'm not talking about the, you know, the monk or the guru from India. I'm talking about Western and live in this lifestyle. So Yeah.

Victoria Volk: I definitely wanna have you back because there's so much more I want to talk about with you if that's okay?

Dr. Amirah Hall: Oh, I'd love that. Thank you

Victoria Volk: too. Okay. Yeah. And I do wanna give you an opportunity to share what you have coming up or where people can find you or reach out to you if they wanna learn more about you?

Dr. Amirah Hall: Great. Yes. I'm hosting a twenty-one speaker series with incredibly brilliant and amazing experts. And so you can go to Intuitive superpowers with an s summit dot com. And, yeah, go to my website. I've got a free gift It's called stress buster. And you go to my website, forward slash stress buster dot com.

Victoria Volk: And I'll get those links in the show notes as well.

Dr. Amirah Hall: Yeah. The yeah. So stress buster, and that's agood energy shower, and you can start clearing your energy and moving in the direction of coming into alignment and connecting with your loved one.

Victoria Volk: And where can people find you just your website? Are there social media?

Dr. Amirah Hall: Yes. Amira, A M I R A H H A L L. COM. You can read all about me there.

Victoria Volk: Sounds wonderful. Thank you so much for this great conversation.

Dr. Amirah Hall: I just want to invite people if something triggered something within you. Reach out to me on my website. There's a link and you can book a twenty minute consultation. And we'll just talk about maybe what your next step is or where you feel that maybe you need help. Okay?

Victoria Volk: Sounds great.

Dr. Amirah Hall: Thank you so much. It's been such an honor. Thank you for opening your heart and doing the work you're doing. It's truly amazing and I'm I feel very blessed to be connected with you.

Victoria Volk: Same. And remember, when you unleash your heart, you unleash your life. Much love.